The best method to check the endplay is to use a dial indicator and magnetic base.

  • Attach the magnetic base to the chassis and touch the tip of the indicator to the surface of the black basket where the hat sits.
  • You will want to measure it with the clutch plates removed but leave the nut on the input shaft tight.
  • Pulling straight in and out on the outer clutch basket verifying that the basket moves about .003-.006".
  • Rocking the basket will result in a false reading, be sure the basket is moving parallel to the input shaft.

Excessive endplay can be corrected by surfacing the center bushing that the basket rotates on. Do not attempt to cut the bushing in a lathe, it must be surface ground.

MTC recommends that you only take off 1/2 of what your measurements tell you, that way you don't end up with a bushing you can't use.